Please Read Carefully and Don't put this like other lettres or Greetings.

Dear Sir...

We introduce ourselves as one of the leading and renowned manufacturer of Setters, Hatchers, Debeakers, Vaccinator's and other poultry equipments with the Trade mark of KARAMSAR .

At the very outset, we wish that God May Grant Prosperity to your business. Further, suppose you want to extend your business and want to purchase Setters/Hatchers etc. for your Hatchery then we would suggest you to purchase our Branded Make, Standard Quality Setters/ Hatchers for your Hatchery, so that you can get more and more Hatchability from the machines.

Suppose you purchase a Non Standard Machine and from that you get 1% Hatchability less, then you can easily reckon loss of your Hatchery i.e.,

1% Means 300 Eggs from 30000 Eggs Capacity Setter Machine.
Suppose Cost of One Chick is Rs. 10/- then please reckon, if you get 1% Hatchability less from A Non Standard Machine then Cost of 300 Chicks Wasted, it means Rs. 3000/- flown in water.

For Example, a format upto loss of 5% Less Hatchability,
is given below, please read carefully.

Percentage of Hatchability Cost of Chick Number of Chicks Wasted Value of Wasted Chicks Number of Hatching In a Year Approx. Loss
1% Rs. 10/= 300 Rs. 3000=00 x 17 Rs. 42000=00- Approx. Loss.
2% Rs. 10/= 600 Rs. 6000=00 x 17 Rs. 84000=00- Approx. Loss.
3% Rs. 10/= 900 Rs. 9000=00 x 17 Rs. 126000=00- Approx. Loss.
4% Rs. 10/= 1200 Rs. 12000=00 x 17 Rs. 204000=00- Approx. Loss.
5% Rs. 10/= 1500 Rs. 15000=00 x 17 Rs. 2100000=00- Approx. Loss.

After Checking of hatchability Percentage, you can easily estimate regarding the loss of a Non Standard Incubators.

Therefore, we suggest you, if you are planning to buy more machines to extend your hatchery production, please, purchase Best Quality, Standard Make Machine which can provide you more and more hatchability so that you can get more profit from the machines.
Hence, we would request you to please give us a chance to serve you and purchase a machine from us to compare with other manufacturers's machines and if you feel better and more hatchability than others then keep business relation continued with us, if you like.
And if, at present you are having any requirement regarding our products, please write us, we shall send you our minimum offer as per your requirement.
After perusal, we would again request you to please think about it seriously not lightly as that would benefit all of us.

Hoping to receive a few lines in response Thanking you.

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